If you’re a performer, such as an actor or a stuntman, and you want to increase your chances of getting more work you should have a showreel. A showreel is a short video containing clips that show you at your very best. It highlights your strengths and puts you in the best possible light to agents, casting directors and anyone you're looking to offer your services to.


Showreel Filming - $150


Filming material to use in your showreel could include:

Monologues / Self Tapes / Acting Scenes / Stunt choreography


This service is for up to 2 hours of shooting. Anything over 2 hours will cost extra depending on the video project.

Me travelling to your preferred location for filming can be arranged for an additional $30.

The video will be shot, edited together and delivered to you via email through my youtube channel.

For privacy reasons, your video can be protected online by being unlisted or requiring a password to view it, if requested.


Filming example:

Showreel Editing - $150


If you already have some existing footage I can edit it into a showreel for you.

You simply give me access to your footage, I then edit your footage, then email you a finished copy of the video.

I can make a copy easily available via my YouTube channel for you to watch, share and download.


Editing examples:

Editing examples:

Visual Effects Showreel

A comedic compilation of the visual effects I’ve created over the years from various video projects.

Showreel - Beau-James Morgan

A compilation of clips from various video projects Beau-James Morgan has been in.

Showreel - Bridie Cambell

A compilation of clips from various video projects Bridie Campbell has been in.