Team Members


- Manager, director, drone operator

Nothing if not determined, Joseph is the founder of Film Fiend Videographer and committed to providing high quality videos that meet the needs and desires of his clients. With almost a decade of training and experience in video creation, Joseph is committed to providing high quality content.

David 1.jpg


- Sound recordist, cameraman

When you need someone who knows the right camera gear, sound gear and how to use it, David is your man. Knowledgeable, experienced and with an awesome beard, David is our tech wizard. 

Beau 1.jpg


- Production assistant, directing assistant

With a talent in front of the camera as well as behind it, Beau is a valued asset on any team with his diligence, loyalty, and a fun sense of humour to go with it all.



- Team mascot

The smallest and cutest member of our group. Lily provides an endless supply of morale and warm cuddles for the whole team.